'Teen Mom OG''s Maci Had An Emotional Breakthrough With Ryan's Parents

The blended family's heart-to-heart was full of love -- and tears

An arrest. A restraining order. Ninety days in rehab. A brand-new baby. Maci, Ryan, Bentley, Jen, Larry, and the entire Edwards/McKinney crew have endured so much this season on Teen Mom OG. But on tonight’s season finale, the blended family had an emotional breakthrough, putting the past aside and vowing to move forward for their sake and, most importantly, for Bentley’s.

As Ryan readied himself to come home after 90 days in treatment, Maci and Taylor met up with his parents, who spoke on their son’s behalf, to discuss what was next in regard to Bentley. They told Maci that Ryan wanted to be a more involved co-parent and not feel like the boy's “uncle” and that he was apologetic for a lot of the decisions he’d made.

“I guess as the sober Ryan, he just wants to feel like he matters,” Mimi cried.

After the couples agreed that it was Ryan’s addiction, not Ryan, that was to blame for many of their familial struggles — Larry bawled recalling the rift he and his son had — Maci confessed that one thing that never wavered was her love for the entire Edwards crew.

“I love you both and Ryan, and that will never go away,” Maci cried, adding that they should all continue to see each other and go to counseling.


What are your thoughts on Maci, Jen and Larry’s emotional chat? And do you think Maci and Ryan be able to co-parent effectively once he returns home? Tell us what you think, then tune into Part 1 of Teen Mom OG reunion Monday at 9/8c.

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