'Finding Carter' Poll: Should Max Have Spilled The Beans About Spotting Lori?

He kept his word after Carter's abductor swore him to secrecy.

These days, Carter Stevens can count the number of people she trusts on a single disfigured hand. And after tonight's "Finding Carter" episode, she might even have one fewer confidante.

After Max left the Wilson household out of fear he'd become burdensome, Carter's ex-boyfriend pulled into a gas station to fill up his truck when he spotted Carter's abductor Lori. She tried to sneak away undetected, but Max wouldn't let her off so easy, and soon, the two were wrapped up in conversation at a picnic table.

Lori explained she still had every intention of taking Carter back as soon as she secured a new identity, and that she planned to make contact within two weeks. Max tried to reason with her and argued that Carter had finally found her footing with the Wilsons. But Lori dismissed him -- and made him swear that he wouldn't tell Carter he'd ever seen her.

Max kept his word but tested the waters at Carter's sleepover when he asked his ex-girlfriend what she'd do if she ever saw Lori again. Carter, who'd momentarily forgot her abductor's name, was suddenly racked with guilt and emotionally made her way to her room. Bet she won't be too thrilled if and when she learns Max knew about Lori's whereabouts, either...

Whaddya think: Should Max have ignored Lori's plea and told Carter -- his close friend -- he'd seen the woman? Take the poll and explain your choice.

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