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Meet The Super Fan Who Followed Lorde Across A Continent

MTV News spoke to Georgia Burke, Lorde's 'beautiful angel'

Georgia Burke, 18, has gotten up close and personal with Lorde, and she has the ultimate proof for anyone saying "pics or it didn't happen": a shout-out from Lorde herself. The "Green Light" singer called Burke a "beautiful angel" for attending six — six!!! — Melodrama tour stops across Europe: Manchester, London, Brighton, Birmingham, Stockholm, and Oslo.

"I'm so lucky to love and be loved like this," Lorde tweeted on Thursday (October 19), sharing images of her "having a moment" with Burke at Oslo's Sentrum Scene venue. In the full video of this magical meeting, Lorde even kisses her on the forehead.

Burke, decked out in tour merch and lacking sleep, was on a bus home to London from the airport when she saw this dreamy note. "I definitely let out a little squeal. It was just really unexpected," she wrote to MTV News in an email.

This was Burke's first time following an artist to multiple concerts. She'd been listening to Lorde since "Royals" hit the radio in 2013 but had never seen her perform, so when the Melodrama tour came around, she "grabbed this opportunity with both hands." Tickets aren't cheap, but Burke explained she works full-time in energy application support and saved up her earnings. Traveling around Europe, particularly within the U.K., can be relatively affordable if you "know where to look," she wrote. Once she arrived at her destination, she patiently waited in line to snag a coveted front-row spot.

"[It] sounds very cliché, but every show felt like the first," Burke wrote. "As [Lorde's] said herself, the show is 'all feelings all time, all dancing all the time,' so every night was just a chance to let go, enjoy, and express yourself, and live in the moment! The show had a very intimate feel to it, so sharing it with new people every night really had an impact on the experience."

Burke was so moved by Melodrama, she even got tattoo inspired by the Paul Simon quote sampled in "Hard Feelings/Loveless": "What is this tape? This is my favorite tape." Lorde actually kissed this tat at her tour stop in London, which explains the pink lipstick stain in the photo below.

"I actually got to meet her the day after her London show!" Burke revealed. "Although it was quite a short meet, and we only talked about my Melodrama tattoo, as she kissed it the night before and the lipstick mark wouldn't come off!"

Courtesy of Georgia Burke


In other words, Burke was lucky enough to have not one but two serendipitous Lorde interactions — first in London, then in Oslo — within one month. So far, fellow fans have been "super nice" about her good fortune, and she's also made new friends through her travels. They stay in touch about all things Lorde via Twitter and group chats that feel "like one big family of like-minded people."

As for Burke, she knows exactly what she'll tell Lorde if she's blessed with a third meeting. "I'd probably tell her how her music helped me through the past few years," she continued. "Having her [write] about her experiences and being able to relate to them helps to come to terms with your own [experiences] and has also helped me to accept who I am and how I express myself."

The next leg of the Melodrama tour sees Lorde through New Zealand — her home! — and Australia, with North American shows kicking off in March 2018. Burke hopes to attend several dates across the pond, so perhaps you'll see her there.