Justin Bieber Is Very Excited About His New Gold Tooth

If you follow Justin Bieber on Snapchat or Instagram, you may have picked up on his not-so-subtle hints that he was working on something special on Wednesday (Dec. 16). Though exciting and special, he did not disclose what, exactly, he was working on—whatever it is, though, involves a new look.

No, Justin didn't change his hair again. He got a gold tooth.


Justin Bieber

Bieber announced the news on Snapchat, saying, "I got big special news coming. I can't tell you, but I can show you my gold tooth." I'd rather know what the news is, but I GUESS this new tooth decoration will hold me over.


Justin Bieber

In another Snpachat, he gave us a close-up of the aforementioned gold tooth, which sits atop his right canine tooth. Though he didn't say anything in this clip, he did stick out his tongue, so, overall, it's just as valuable.

Though it seems likely that Justin's new #swag is a temporary cap, it's definitely getting the most of its 15 seconds, with an appearance on Instagram as well as Snapchat.

The new look makes him a member the Gold Tooth Club, which means he can now talk teeth with fellow members Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Kesha, and Nelly. Though all of them have retired their shiny caps—at least temporarily—club membership is forever. Justin will now also enjoy the lifetime membership.

We will be keeping our eyes glued to his various accounts—what else is new, amirite??—for more clues. If we never see you again, li'l shiny tooth, we had a good run.

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