Harry Potter And Others Want To Be Your BFF With These Fandom Awards Posters

The boy who lived has come to vote.

Among the many contentious categories at the mtvU Fandom Awards, there's perhaps nothing more heated than the BFF battle — and by BFF, we mean "Best Fandom Forever."

Six different fandoms are vying for the Best Fandom Forever award, a Tumblr-exclusive category, but only one can walk away with the title. And while few things could sway your opinion one way or the other, we thought you would at least appreciate this — a series of posters designed to celebrate the six fandoms competing for your BFF vote.

Check them out:

1. "Batman"

He's the hero we need, so maybe he deserves your vote.

2. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Not voting for "Buffy" would hurt like a stake through the heart.

3. "Doctor Who"

Doctor who? Oh, you know.

4. "Harry Potter"

With your help, the Boy Who Lived could soon become the Boy Who Won BFF At The Fandom Awards.

5. "The Lord of the Rings"

One BFF award to rule them all.

6. "Sherlock"

It's elementary, dear voters.

Vote for the Best Fandom Forever award by clicking here.

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