Watch Larry David In "Bern Your Enthusiasm" On 'Saturday Night Live'

Plus, a cameo from Bernie Sanders himself.

Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, hosted Saturday Night Live last night with musical guest The 1975. David is a former writer for SNL, having written for the show for a season in the 80s (where he famously only ever had one sketch make it to air). He’s made several cameo appearances in political sketches this season as Senator Bernie Sanders, due to the two sharing several physical and elocutionary similarities.

When it was announced that David would be hosting an episode of SNL, you could set your watch to two things---one, that there’d be more of his impression of Senator Sanders, and two, there was going to be some sort of parody of his character on Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Some people have been hoping for this for months.)

And boy, did they deliver. In “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” David plays Bernie Sanders as his “Larry David” character from Curb Your Enthusiasm, complete with David’s neuroticisms and exaggerated hangups, but out on the campaign trail in Iowa. The sketch also featured incredible impressions of the Curb Your Enthusiasm cast, including Cecily Strong as Susie Essman, Jay Pharaoh as JB Smoove, and Taran Killam as Bob Einstein.

Senator Sanders also made a cameo in the episode, appearing in a sketch where David (in true Curb fashion) objected to women and children being given priority seating on lifeboats on a sinking ship.

Sanders later adopted David’s signature catchphrase in an introduction of a performance by The 1975, saying that campaigning in New Hampshire was going “pretty, pretty, pretty, pret-ty good.”

Next week’s episode of Saturday Night Live will feature Melissa McCarthy, hosting for the fourth time, along with musical guest Kanye West.

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