Lil' Kim's Wrath For 50, Foxy Has No Bounds On 'Naked Truth'

Queen Bee also takes swipes at Junior M.A.F.I.A., Star Jones on fiery album.

We all know that Lil' Kim is going away soon -- to jail, for about a year -- but hearing the forceful Queen Bee on her new LP, The Naked Truth, it sounds like she's already coming back.

On Thursday in New York, her label previewed a few tracks from her September 13 release, making it clear why Kim's been so light on interviews in the past year: she's been saving her fiery expressiveness for the album. Foxy Brown, 50 Cent, Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Star Jones all become the object of Kim's quips, subliminal jabs and outright name-calling.

There's a track called "Spell Check," a possible single produced by Red Spyda, where the so-called black Erica Kane actually spells out a bunch of words in her rhymes, sort of similar to how K-Solo got down on the classic record "Spellbound." Kim says she likes it raw like ODB, and before she bows out on the track, she addresses her "Magic Stick" co-star 50 Cent.

"Your man five-o, I don't see him in the club/ 'Cause he's out in CT with a ....," she raps, next making reference to a homosexual act. Later her wrath turns toward Lil' Cease and Junior M.A.F.I.A., comparing the crew to a part of a woman's anatomy because they "took the DA's side."

Kim yells "f--- Junior M.A.F.I.A." and anyone who rides with them on the anti-snitch anthem "My N---as," and she addresses them again on "So Quiet." Kim references her recent perjury trial (see [article id="1505262"]"Lil' Kim Gets A Year And A Day In Prison"[/article]) and says her former crew was "droppin' dimes like Sprint" and "confessing like Usher."

Elsewhere on the record, Kim doesn't say Foxy Brown's name, but makes it obvious she's talking about the Ill Nana, rhyming "Jacki-O proved you far from a fighter/ ... I'm not gonna come at you, I'm gonna come at your ghost writer."

It's a big mama thing all over again on "The Game's in Trouble." Kim professes that her microphone dormancy has ended over a track that samples Michael Jackson's "Heartbreak Hotel." She acts like Cheryl Miller, coaching girls on how to deal with men; she wipes smiles off haters' faces and makes it hard for them to breathe. So why else is the rap game is trouble? Oh that's an easy one; Kim is "the biggest, baddest bitch in town" and "everybody knows the girl gets down." Even the feds know her steelo.

"The government tried to put me through it/ But I'm back to style on y'all like Martha Stewart," the Brooklyn, New York trendsetter says later.

Her former boyfriend Scott Storch produced "Brooklyn," an ode to her borough. Kim sheds the normal rap flow for the most part and adopts a reggae-flavored rhyme delivery reminiscent of Damian Marley on "Welcome to Jamrock."

Kim's rep said that she should be finished recording the project within a week.