13 Times Lizzie McGuire Was Adorkable Before It Was Even A Thing

Playing it cool is so yesterday.

It's been 15 years since Disney Channel brought tween klutz Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) into our homes and burgeoning cultural consciousness, but "Lizzie McGuire" still holds a place in many of our hearts. (We know because our hearts skip a beat whenever the cast gets together for a mini-reunion.)

Hilary chatted with MTV News last year about how much this series still means to fans, saying: “[’Lizzie McGuire’] touched people at a time of their lives where they must have needed it, so it stuck with them for such a long time and I feel really grateful for that. I loved the show too, and I loved what we created there." Um, yep.

Lizzie was there for us at a time when we were still trying to figure out who we were (unlike now, when we totally, definitely understand how to be people ?). The teen taught us that it was OK to trip through life while you figure everything out. Because, let's face it, Lizzie's superpower was being awkward (but only in the most adorable ways, as our child stars' wont).

In honor of this show about a multi-faceted teen girl and the many animated thoughts that went through her head, here are 13 times Lizzie McGuire was awkward in a way that made being an embarrassed tween girl seem cool -- or at least normal.

That time she announced she wanted a bra.

That's right. Lizzie can meld awkward and heroic into one epic moment. She's that good. In the episode "Between A Rock and a Bra Place," Lizzie and Miranda decide they need to have the rite-of-passage moment of purchasing their first bra. Lizzie proceeds to go about doing this in the most awkward way possible.

Those times she was dissed by the mean girl.



Lizzie was constantly getting dissed by Kate, the resident "popular" girl — and, like in real life, it hurt. Lizzie's desire to be popular and accepted by all would sometimes even lead her to make some bad decisions, which was one of the most relatable parts of this show. The other cool thing about "Lizzie McGuire"? Kate was a character, too, not just a caricature of some tween bully without context. In fact, she used to be one of Lizzie's best friends. #LongStory #SheGotABra

That time she walked down the hallway with her besties.



Guys, this is true friendship. They look like idiots, but they are having so much fun together so it really, really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

That time she wore an igloo dress.

Disney Channel

Lizzie McGuire Igloo Dress

OK, so this moment was less relatable, although there is possibly not a person alive who could make wearing this igloo dress not look awkward. But Hilary Duff comes close.

Those times Animated Lizzie's head was spinning.



Guys, it is very confusing being a teenage girl/human.

That time she rebelled.

Disney Channel

Lizzie McGuire Hair Ponytails

Of course Lizzie' rebellion involved a fake nose ring and a (slightly) more teased hairstyle than usual. Face it: Lizzie's teen rebellion phase was pretty awkward — but no less cathartic for its awkwardness.

That time she nerded out with Gordo.

Disney Channel

Lizzie McGuire Movie Plane

If we had gone to Italy on our eighth grade class trip, then we might have made these awkward hand gestures, too, and not even cared how silly we looked. Because Rome.

Those times she sang to herself.



You don't need an audience to put on a concert, people, and you are probably lying if you claim you have never sang into your hairbrush (possibly while looking into the mirror) whilst alone in your room.

Those times Lizzie was doing the inner eye-bug.



Even when Lizzie managed to play it cool on the outside, she was often freaking out on the inside — something any of us can relate to. Because, sometimes when you seem the chillest, your inner monologue is at #PeakAwkward.

That time she dressed up as an elf.



Sometimes, we do things we'd rather not in the name of Christmas (music videos). And Aaron Carter.

That times she accidentally unplugged her dress.


cord dress

Oh, man. If we had a dime for every time this happens...

That time she danced in front of a candy cane.



It doesn't matter where or how you're dancing, if you're doing it with your best friend. Miranda and Lizzie proved that in this moment. Also, it is really hard not to look awkward while dancing in front of a giant candy cane. These are just facts.

That time she held a giant wheel of cheese.



Girl understands the magnificence of cheese. Also, of playing it cool when you run into the international pop star you're crushing on whilst out and about with a giant wheel of cheese on the streets of Rome. You know how it is. (Guys, "The Lizzie McGuire" movie is a masterpiece that totally holds up, but far less relatable than the TV series. If that wasn't already apparent.)

Point is? Even when Lizzie McGuire was being slightly-less-relatable impersonating an international pop star during her class trip to Italy, she still represented the mantra that it's OK to be awkward. Not all of us make awkwardness look as cute as Hilary Duff. But we all know what it feels like to be embarrassed, confused, and out of our element — especially when growing up. "Lizzie McGuire" taught us we're not alone.

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