Why Michael Jackson Is Still The King Of Pop

Five years later, we remember MJ's legacy.

In 2009, Michael Jackson was in the middle of rehearsing for a string of shows at London's O2 Arena. But on June 25, the King of Pop died of cardiac arrest due to a doctor-assisted drug overdose The concerts were intended to be his last live performances -- 50 in total -- a big bang before retirement.

But five years later, we didn't need that big bang. We have the entirety of MJ's career, which was an impressive spectacle in itself. Here are a few reasons why Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop to us:

He Was A Star From The Beginning

At 6 years old, Michael made it big with his brothers in the Jackson 5. And then he gave us 44 more years of music.

His Music Videos? Legendary.

Find someone who doesn't know "Thriller." I dare you. The 13-minute video set precedents for music filmmaking and was MTV's first world premiere.

His Over-The-Top Fashion

MJ was an icon when it came to style. The one-handed glove, the hat, the socks -- he had a look that was all his own. He was also known for flaunting some special jackets.

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Michael Jackson


Not only was he a master at pop music, he was a master at pop dance! Seeing him groove in concert was even more mindblowing than seeing him on TV. And he knew all the secrets of putting on a show, even putting white tape on his fingers to accentuate his movements.

He's An Everlasting Influence

Everyone from JT, Usher, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Ne-Yo have traces of MJ in their music and dance, and cite the singer as their main influence. Justin Bieber even copied his fresh-out-of-court look when he got out of jail. To this day, people still want to collaborate with him. Example? MJ's posthumous album and Timberlake's duet on "Love Never Felt So Good."

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