Lil Wayne Could Serve More Time Because Of MP3 Player In His Cell

'You lose some 'good time,' ' a source at Rikers Island says of contraband found in Wayne's cell.

A source at Rikers Island confirmed reports that Lil Wayne was busted Monday for having headphones, a charger and a watch that doubles as an MP3 player in his jail cell.

The offense isn't extremely serious, but it could mean more prison time for Wayne. "You just get an infraction, a violation," the source told MTV News. "You lose some 'good time.'

"It depends on the severity of the infraction," the source added about what other type of trouble Weezy could get into. "Level one is the worst. Then you have [level] two or three. [This infraction] could be a level one. He has to go on trial, and based on evidence, they'll make their determination."

As for how Wayne obtained the items, the source said that despite the level of security in the jail, contraband materials are sometimes smuggled in during the [article id="1633303"]inmates' visiting time[/article].

"There's a lot of ways it can happen," the source said. "Through a visit, or it could be through someone else. In the visiting area the barrier between an inmate and the visitor is a small table -- that's about it. It could happen between when you first come in and [the visitor] gives you a hug."

According to the source, Wayne would have to go to a trial before a captain and a correction officer within 48 hours of the incident, noting that as of Thursday (May 13), he wasn't aware whether the trial had taken place. The source also clarified that the contraband was found in a bag of potato chips and not aluminum foil, as had been reported.

"They sell specific items in the commissary and if you have anything other than that, then that's not a good look."

Our source also confirmed that Wayne has a job as a suicide-prevention aide, which entails staying up at night to keep an eye on at-risk inmates.

"He checks each cell or area to see if each guy is alive. There are three shifts," our source said. "I think his shift is at night, like 11 [p.m.] to 7 [a.m.] or 12 to 8."

That job is now in jeopardy due to the infraction.

In 2007, Lil Wayne was arrested for attempted gun possession following his first headlining performance in Manhattan at the Beacon Theatre. New York is among the toughest states in the country when it comes to gun-possession laws. In other states, Lil Wayne could have gotten off with a misdemeanor rap and probation. However, in New York, only law-enforcement officials and those affiliated with authorities are permitted to carry firearms. The rapper was [article id="1633428"]sentenced to a year in prison[/article] in March.