'Doctor Who': 6 Burning Questions For 'Deep Breath'

Doctor... Who?

Who knew a "Doctor Who" series premiere could be so satisfying, and yet raise so many gigantic questions? Yet that's exactly what "Deep Breath" did, making us wonder whether this will be the least done-in-one season of "Who" ever.

Here's every burning question we've got, including the one already mentioned above!

1. Did The Doctor Kill That Dude?

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It's a question we expect may never get answered, but will color nearly every interaction The Doctor has this season: did he kill the cyborg, or did the cyborg leap to his death? Is this, unlike every previous incarnation, a Doctor who will truly murder a living being one on one?

It's been a question raised time and again, whether The Doctor leading beings or civilizations down the road to destroying themselves is tantamount to killing them. Is it any different if he just straight up murders a dude? For our money, yes, and we're hoping The Doctor hasn't resorted to killing. But we shall have to wait and see.

2. Who Is Missy?


Michelle Gomez - Doctor Who

Played by Michelle Gomez, the Big Bad of the season welcomes the repaired cyborg to paradise. But where is paradise, exactly? Who is Missy? And why does she think The Doctor is her boyfriend?

Gomez was already confirmed to be playing a character called "The Gatekeeper of The Nethersphere," and we know she'll show up later on in an episode involving Cybermen. But other than that… Nothing. Guess we'll just have to watch every episode to find out OH WELL.

3. Is This Doctor On A Mission?

Doctor Who: Series 8: Episode 1

"I've made many mistakes. It's about time I did something about that," The Doctor tells Clara once he's fully embraced his new personality and look. So will this season be truly less about The Doctor gallivanting from planet to planet, and time to time as a cosmic sightseer, and instead about him correcting problems he's created throughout time and space?

Honestly, we hope so. It's that sort of bold reinvention the show desperately needs at this point, and a clear mission statement like that could give "Doctor Who" a rejuvenating shot in the arm. We'd love to see Twelve visiting old adventures, pulling a "Back To The Future 2." Or at the very least, following up on all the many wrinkles and ripples he's created as he's jumped through time in his TARDIS.

4. Who Started The Cyborg's Mission, Speaking Of Missions?

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Peter Capaldi - Doctor Who

Maybe something we'll never see answered, but they were robots once, crash landed on Earth, and were trying to make their way to paradise. So who sent them? Were they from a robot civilization? Who gave them their mission?

It's possible this may tie into Missy's storyline – but also possible we're just digging for more info.

5. Will We See The Paternoster Gang Again?

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Doctor Who: Series 8: Episode 1

We can probably answer this with a definitive "yes," though we don't know when. It seems like Jenny, Madame Vastra and Strax are the recurring equivalent to River Song during the Matt Smith years. We don't know if it'll be this season, but chances are they'll show up in The Doctor – and Clara's – lives before too long.

6. Who Placed That Ad?



It's never definitively said who placed the ad that drew both The Doctor and Clara to Mancini's Restaurant? Was it the cyborgs? Missy? Matt Smith's Doctor himself? It's certainly strongly implied the ad placer is the cyborgs, but how would they know a clue that would only apply to The Doctor and Clara?

What burning questions do you have for the episode, and what do you want to see on the next episode, "Into The Dalek?"

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