'Transformers' Sequel Super Bowl Ad, Shot By Shot: Same Hero, New Villains

'Revenge of the Fallen' commercial offers glimpses of new robots but no answers about Shia LaBeouf's hand.

Forget about Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers' quarterback may have suffered numerous concussions over the years, but he's never taken a hit quite as brutal as Optimus Prime did on this particular Super Bowl Sunday.

That's right, the first footage ever from [movie id="369059"]"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"[/movie] hit TV screens all over the world Sunday (February 1), and it proved bigger than the Super Bowl itself. Here's our shot-by-shot breakdown:

Shot 1: Something (Meteors? Missiles?) rain down on a fleet of aircraft carriers. Director Michael Bay has spoken in the past about his desire to give us a transforming aircraft carrier, and although producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has denied it, the opening shot of this clip is sure to stir up those rumors again. I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but that sure seems like one hell of a coincidence.

Shot 2: A squiggly word that we can't read.

Shot 3: Meet the hero. Shia's Sam Witwicky looks a bit older, and a bit wiser. The bad news is that we can't see [article id="1591669"]the status of his hand[/article] in the trailer. The good news is that he looks a whole lot hipper, now that he's ditched the Strokes T-shirt.

Shot 4: Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and crew on a tank, reacting to something big, alien and transforming.

Shot 5: Military helicopters getting taken out by a Decepticon with ... buzzsaws on his hands? That's pretty cool.

Shot 6: The squiggly word becomes "Revenge."

Shot 7: Some kind of four-legged, razor-toothed, spiky Decepticon dog-looking thing (Ravage?) runs across the water. Take a close look, and you'll see two humans riding in a cab behind its eyes.

Shot 8: Shia grabs an older man with an unflattering hairline and screams: "You don't stop. You don't hide. You run!" We can only assume that his next two minutes of dialogue will simply be him repeating the word "No!"

Shot 9: An exploding building gives us a tumbling Transformer, who then turns into a black sports car and speeds out of frame.

Shot 10: "Revenge" ... again? OK, we get it.

Shot 11: Mikaela (Megan Fox) standing in front of what looks like the lamp section of an IKEA, putting her hands over her mouth to stifle a scream. Try Target, Megan. Their prices are usually much more reasonable.

Shot 12: Shia squares off against a red-eyed Decepticon roughly 20 times his size.

Shot 13: After Shia is pinned, Megan and a friend react.

Shot 14: Things aren't looking good, as our hero seems cornered on the roof of a car. Could this be where [article id="1592007"]Sam injures his hand[/article]?

Shot 15: Optimus Prime takes a bad hit.

Shot 16: Trying to run across a bridge, Optimus comes across a massive, three-giant-fingers-on-each-hand unicycle Decepticon that seems to dwarf the Autobot leader as if he were Shia LaBeouf. Clearly the coolest shot of the trailer, this mysterious new character is sure to get fanboys speculating. Is it the Devastator? Is it one of the six Constructicons who combine to make Devastator? Or is it a brand-new Transformer?

Shot 17: "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

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