A Bunch Of Elaines Had A 'Seinfeld' Dance-Off In Brooklyn

You're many things, Elaine Benes, but a good dancer is not one of them.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has, no doubt, had a huge impact on popular culture. She was on "Saturday Night Live," she kills it as Selina Meyer on HBO's "Veep," and she was — of course! — Elaine Benes on "Seinfeld," that bastion of nineties culture. But perhaps of all her accomplishments and everything she's given us, it is, perhaps, her dancing skills that shall outlast them all.

The Elaine Dance.

Which is exactly why, that boogie down of terrible beauty, was paid homage in New York on Saturday Night when the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team hosted an "Elaine Dance-Off" in honor of the show's 25th anniversary. (The whole night was Seinfeld themed.)

Thankfully, intelligent game-goers with smartphones did what any heroic person would do: they recorded the dances and uploaded them onto the Internet. Who says Americans don't look out for one another, eh?

As for the winner? That would be this Elaine — and it only takes a few seconds of viewing to see why:

Man, we're feeling ready to gr-oo-oove now, aren't you?

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