Brockhampton's 'Sugar' Is A Wicked World Of Killer Aliens And Giant Boogers

Also, we can't forget an extremely evil demon

It's finally here. After an intense day of teasing, Brockhampton's mind-bending, NSFW video for "Sugar" is finally here. And... it's a lot to take in.

With aliens, sex, death, and fiery afterlife all appearing in the span of four minutes, it's a one-of-a-kind, loaded visual that grows stranger as the moment goes on. Plus, slimy boogers. Forgot to mention that. There are boogers here.

The video kicks off normal enough – even if there's an extremely sad morning sun lurking outside of a house window. Two people are having some intense sex that gets interrupted by an alien with a gigantic weapon. The creepy unidentified creature shoots the person dead and, at that point, that's when the music starts.

Dom McLennon climbs through a window and solemnly raps his verse while someone sits naked looking out of the window as if he's not even there, all the while Joba stands in the same doorway with an equally sad look on his face. Then the camera asks us to a hellish world – complete with a cartoonishly evil villain – while Matt Champion raps his verse, unfazed by his surroundings.

Before long, we see Bearface getting some very snotty-looking slime dropped on him by Kevin Abstract, who's attached to a wall. Just before you can even make sense of what happens, the video is over after giving another glimpse of this killer alien who's now talking to a bison head. There's so much going on that after it's over, you'll stare into the distance to try and make sense of this.

Brockhampton dropped Ginger in August. Earlier that month, they shared videos for "Boy Bye," "No Halo," "If You Pray Right," and "I Been Born Again."

Take a look at "Sugar" up above.