Even Lupita Nyong'o Can't Get 'Black Panther' Tickets

Marvel's next blockbuster just became a pre-sale champion, so get your tickets fast — if you can!

The good news: People want to see Black Panther so badly that they started snapping up tickets as soon as they went on sale, which led to the best Marvel movie pre-sale to date.

The bad news: This means that tons of opening weekend screenings are selling out, and fast, and even some of the film's biggest stars are coming up empty-handed.

After trying and failing to secure Black Panther tickets, a bewildered Lupita Nyong'o shared her thrilled surprise and slight irritation via Twitter.

"It occurred to me: I should get tickets, too, so I can be there when the movie hits theaters, and I can experience it with everybody!" she said. "15 minutes later, I was trying to purchase tickets, and they are sold out! Sold out! It told me that there was an error, and I tried again — still the same error — and every time I tried, fewer seats! Like, there were no seats, and I was unable to buy tickets to see Black Panther on opening night! That's insane! 15 minutes?! WOW."

I mean, same, gal. Same.

Variety has Fandango confirming that Black Panther moved more pre-sale tickets than Captain America: Civil War did in its first 24 hours of pre-sale.

Black Panther doesn't hit theaters until February 16, but Nyong'o, apparently, won't be seeing it until the 17th. (Well, after the premiere, of course, considering she's in the movie.)