See Kendrick Lamar Do His Own Amazing Stunts On The Set Of His Latest Video

Kendrick was in action in Los Angeles today.

Kendrick Lamar is a powerful performer, an impressive pitcher, and an expert paparazzi evader, but did you know he was a daredevil, too?

On Thursday (May 28), K. Dot displayed his death-defying ways with an unbelievable stunt right in the middle of Los Angeles.

With L.A. traffic below him, Kendrick stood on a street sign, showing that he’s willing to go to great heights for his art.

From the looks of it, this could all be part of Kendrick’s “Alright” music video. The track is presumed to be the next single off his To Pimp A Butterfly album.

Another portion of the "Alright" video was filmed in San Francisco last week, according to Rap-Up - as if this wasn't cool enough on its own.

He did his own stunts during that shoot, too, hanging upside down from wires. But he also got to enjoy a cool party vibe.

We should have seen this coming. Earlier this month, K. Dot broke down his traits as a super hero, even calling himself "Hardbody." Well, it looks like Hardbody just made another appearance in L.A.

And now we can't wait to see the full clip. In fact, we've been asking for a video for every track off TPAB for some time now. We can do this, Kendrick.

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