'The Fosters' Cast Tell Us What's Going Down With Brallie On The Christmas Special

Bring out those tissues.

When we last left the world of "The Fosters," everything was in turmoil. Callie (Maia Mitchell) lost her chance at adoption due to her crazy half-sister, Lena (Sherri Saum) quit her job over her gay son's (Hayden Byerly) treatment by his school, and Brandon (David Lambert) shared a forbidden kiss with his almost-sister, Callie. It was a lot to process, which is why we're happy to hear that tonight's (December 8) Christmas special, "Christmas Past," will serve as a bit of a breather.

"It's an interesting stand-alone episode," Lambert told MTV News at ABC Family's Winter Wonderland party ahead of the episode. "We go back in time within our 'Fosters' world. You see characters in a state we skipped over the previous season... I'm back in a cast because of the accident that Brandon had at the end of season one. It's an interesting in-between time. But at the same time, it's a Christmas episode."

"It's a tear-jerker," Mitchell added. "There's a lot of drama and romance. It's like every episode, but heightened with the Christmas spirit. It's feel-good, but it's also very raw and real."

For those of you who wanted to jump right back in to the action after that shocking kiss, don't worry -- the episode will feature plenty of flashbacks, but it will also heavily focus on Brandon's mindset after the kiss with Callie.

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"It picks up right at the finale," Lambert said. "Right there, that kiss that we had at the Quinn's house. They go up the street, and Brandon ends up having these flashbacks... The whole episode is this interesting back and forth between present day and what Brandon is thinking of; what happened in the past."

Whether or not these flashbacks will lead Brandon into Callie's arms is yet to be revealed, but Lambert himself admitted that he's not quite sure if he wants a romantic relationship with his "Fosters" foster sister to go down.

"I ask myself this every now and then -- I don't know if I myself would actually be okay with that or not," he said. "As people will see when we come back in January, I think Callie and Brandon continue to evolve. It's very hard to continue to see them romantically, because they're so close in other ways too. It's an interesting relationship. I have no idea."

Uh, sorry about that, "Brallie" fans -- and know that another "Foster" is still firmly on your team.

"I'm a Brallie fan," Cierra Ramirez (Mariana) said with a laugh. "I want them to happen. It needs to happen."

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