Yellowcard Are Going Back To School -- College Tour Slated For April

Band's long-discussed college tour is finally a reality.

The similarities between Yellowcard and the late, great Rodney Dangerfield are starting to get a little scary: They've both sold millions of records, packed arenas around the world and have millions of devoted fans. And of course, neither gets any respect.

Now, much like Rodney in his 1986 film "Back to School," Yellowcard are planning on returning to college this spring (though it remains to be seen if they'll attempt to land a Triple Lindy at the school pool).

Yellowcard have just been announced as the headliner for the third annual Virgin College Mega Tour, scheduled to kick off in April. The tour will hit 20 campuses across the country, though at the moment only seven of those stops have been confirmed by event organizers.

Joining Yellowcard on the Mega Tour are up-and-comers Reeve Oliver and Mae, plus a traveling village that will include an "emerging artist" stage and the Dentyne Soft Chew karaoke booth.

Back in September, when Yellowcard were in the early stages of promoting their latest album, Lights and Sounds, they announced plans for a back-to-basics club tour

(see [article id="1509400"]"Yellowcard Line Up Club Tour, Post A Preview Of Newly Named LP"[/article]), but also hinted that a run of college shows could be in the works.

"We'd like to play some arenas, but not super-big arenas. More like those arenas they have on campuses," frontman Ryan Key said. "So we'll see. It makes sense, so it'll probably happen."

Of course, it still might not happen if Key can't recover from a serious nodule he's developed on his vocal cords, an ailment that forced Yellowcard to cancel a series of U.K. dates in December, and has recently forced the band to do the same to a handful of U.S. shows. The British dates have been rescheduled for March, and the band will also perform in Germany, Australia and Japan before the college tour begins.

According to a statement posted on, Key has sought treatment for his ailment and everything should be fine with a few days rest.

Dates for the Virgin College Mega Tour, according to Virgin:

  • 4/7 - Pomona, NJ @ Richard Stockton College

  • 4/8 - Williamsport, PA @ Lycoming College
  • 4/22 - Fort Collins, CO @ Colorado State University
  • 4/28 - Dartmouth, MA @ University of Massachusetts
  • 4/29 - Towson, MD @ Towson University
  • 4/30 - Brockport, NY @ SUNY Brockport
  • 5/6 - Columbus, OH @ Ohio State University
  • For a feature on Yellowcard, check out "Yellowcard: Split Decision."

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