7 TV Shows That Were Better Than Their Titles


Yesterday (November 24), news broke that NBC was developing a show called "#Winning." Yep, you heard that right -- like the Charlie Sheen hashtag from his infamous 2000-whatever meltdown.

Now, obviously, "#Winning" could be the best television show in the history of the universe, but there's no denying the fact that its title is not the best in the history of the universe. However, on the bright side, these seven shows also had not-so-great titles, yet managed to deliver high-quality content regardless. So in honor of not judging a book (or NBC pilot) by its cover, here are seven poorly-worded TV show that "#Winning" should aspire to:

1. "Selfie"


When you put "Doctor Who" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" alum Karen Gillan and "Harold & Kumar" star John Cho in the same comedy, you expect nothing short of small-screen magic. And after a bumpy start, it looked like "Selfie" was headed in that direction -- until ABC canceled the show and pulled all remaining episodes in early November. With its cringe-worthy title and unappealing time-slot (paired with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?") the show simply couldn't find an audience.

2. "Trophy Wife"


This one was a huge disappointment, since 2013's "Trophy Wife" was easily the best family comedy of the year. However, the title made it seem like the show was about some floozy when it was really a fun, heartwarming ensemble piece in the vein of "Modern Family." It got the axe after only one season, and TV is a darker place because of it.

3. "Terriers"


FX's "Terriers" was a smart, funny, SoCal-based crime noir starring two very talented actors (Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James) who had amazing chemistry, but you'd never know that based on its title. Its first (and only) season was fantastic -- but its weirdly nondescript title and confusing ad campaign (a dog on a truck?) made it more of a cult-favorite than a ratings blockbuster.

4. "Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23"


"Don't Trust The B----" was a quirky, often hilarious NYC comedy about a con-artist/girl-next-door roommate duo who hung out with James Van Der Beek. The dialogue and the lead actress (Krysten Ritter) made it great, but people just don't seem to like shows with the word "b---h" in the title.

5. "Cougar Town"


"Cougar Town" is a rarity, given that the beloved, pro-alcoholism sitcom surpassed its awful title and earned six seasons (and a movie?). Pretty much no one wants to watch a show about "cougars" (an awfully misogynistic term if there ever was one) scamming on young dudes in Florida, but pretty much everyone wants to watch this charming group of winos drink in the afternoon and play Penny Can.

6. "Bunheads"


"Bunheads" was a heartwarming comedy-drama about a ballet school, from the woman who brought us "Gilmore Girls." What could go wrong? Oh yes, the title.

7. "John From Cincinnati"



Hey HBO -- want to know how to ensure that no one watches your latest David Milch show? Put the word "Cincinnati" in the title. (#sorrynotsorry) Also, be sure to make the promotions for the show as confusing as popular (see: "Terriers"). Like, is this about a floating surfer? Who lives in Cincinnati? No. It was actually really good and had an excellent cast -- including several "Deadwood" alums -- but the title ruined it, and it only lasted ten episodes.