Afrojack Discusses His Part In Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now'

Dutch dance producer tells MTV News how he contributed to C. Breezy's Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Diplo collabo.

[article id="1635571"]Afrojack[/article] already had reason to celebrate as he headed into the new year. The Dutch dance-music producer's pop/dance single [article id="1651865"]"Take Over Control,"[/article] featuring singer Eva Simons, made the top 25 on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs chart in December. And now his second U.S. release, packed with hip-hop heavy-hitters, seems primed for chart success.

MTV News caught up with the EDM producer (born Nick van de Wall) for a skype chat last week, and he talked about his contribution to [article id="1655216"]Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now,"[/article] the latest offering from the singer's upcoming F.A.M.E. album.

The track is a fast-rapping flurry of awesome self-indulgence courtesy of Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne and Chris, with an eerie downtempo beat cooked up by chefs Afrojack and Diplo. The pair of producers previously collaborated on "Pon De floor," off Diplo's [article id="1634251"]Major Lazer[/article] full-length release, and according to Afrojack, "Look at Me Now" is the product of a beat he'd passed along to the Philadelphia producer.

"Yeah, Diplo called me," Afrojack recalled. "He was like, 'We are in the studio right now, and we are gonna do a track on the beat.' And I was like, 'OK, whatever. Have fun.' "

Eventually, "Look at Me Now," was born. While Afrojack sounded casual about the song's evolution, he said he's certainly pleased with the finished product. "I just love these kind of people on a track like this," he said. "It's like hip-hop, but really weird kind of hip-hop.

"Busta's verse on it is really sick," he continued. "It's like I can't even hear what he said, but I love the part where he goes [mimics Busta's rapid flow], and then pauses and goes rapping really quickly. And I don't know how to do it, I don't even try. But it was really, really cool."

So what's next for Afrojack? Apart from working on a remix for Pitbull, he premiered a new single exclusively for MTV News that we will be sharing with you very soon. All you Afrojack fans stay tuned!

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