'Hills' Sneak Peek: Brody's Mom Offers Advice On Dating

Meanwhile, is Linda really going to join OnlyFans?!

Brody has described his mom Linda as an "incredible lady" with a "big heart." And in a sneak peek at this week's New Beginnngs episode, the mother/son Hills duo open up about matters of the heart, and she gives him some great motherly advice.

"It's not just a matter of finding the right person -- it's a matter of being the right person," Linda tells Brody in the clip. "You have to be whole and complete -- there's no such thing as 'my better half,'" while adding her main goal is for her youngest to "be happy."

But what does Linda have to say about dating apps, and how does Brody feel about her possibly joining OnlyFans? Hint: Like any son would feel if his parent talked about the content subscription service. Watch the entire clip, and do not miss the entire exchange on The Hills: New Beginnings tonight at 8/7c.

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