'The American' Wins Labor Day Box Office

The George Clooney thriller breaks away from the pack on the holiday weekend.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "The American" ($12.9 million)

#2 "Takers" ($11.4 million)

#3"Machete" ($11.3 million)

#4 "The Last Exorcism" ($7.5 million)

#5 "Going the Distance" ($6.9 million)

"The American" staged a last-minute takeover of the weekend box office after [article id="1647230"]sliding into second place on Friday[/article]. According to The Hollywood Reporter, George Clooney's turn as a hitman dodging danger in Italy to carry out one last mission, raked in an estimated $12.9 million, besting [article id="1647117"]"Machete"[/article] at the close of its first weekend in theaters.

After landing in third place on the Friday kickoff of Labor Day weekend, [article id="1646823"] last week's #1 movie, "Takers"[/article] also toppled Robert Rodriguez's graphic Mexploitation pic. Featuring hip-hop and Hollywood names like Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and T.I., the action flick about a smash-and-grab job by suave crew of thieves, snatched up $11.4 million in ticket sales for second place.

After barely edging past "The American" on Friday, "Machete" will wrap up its debut weekend right behind "Takers" with a third-place finish. Featuring Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo, and boasting a [article id="1644341"]much-hyped appearance from Lindsay Lohan[/article], the film pulled in $11.3 million.

"The Last Exorcism" held steady in the top five with $7.5 million. The fourth-place picture, which follows a film crew charged with documenting the creepy developments at a rural exorcism, has made a total of $32.3 million since hitting theaters last week.

[article id="1646928"]Drew Barrymore and Justin Long's date-night pic, "Going the Distance,"[/article] lagged behind stronger debuts like "The American" and "Machete." The rom-com, featuring the two real-life, off-and-on lovers playing a couple working to keep a long-distance romance afloat, rang up $6.9 million in ticket sales to land in fifth place during its opening weekend.

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