Snoop Dogg Asks Mardi Gras Women To, Uh, You Know ...

Doggfather captures uninhibited revelers on film for Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style.

Snoop Dogg has always been one to put his distinctive paw print on his endeavors. When emulating a hip-hop Don Corleone he was the Doggfather. As a high-ranking No Limit soldier he was the Top Dogg. His persona as a freestylin' philanthropist was Snoopafella. So when the funky hip-hop pimp is the one prompting college girls to bare all for the camera, what else would the resulting home video be called but Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style?

The laid-back lyricist will be the first-ever celebrity host in the latest installment in the mega-successful Girls Gone Wild series, due in early September, according to the video's publicist. The 60-minute home video takes viewers to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2002 to witness the real-life hedonism that ensues when a high-profile rapper with a camera crew in tow is on a quest to find the flesh amidst throngs of uninhibited revelers. The multi-talented Dogg not only hosts the program, he directs some segments as well, presumably zooming in at the opportune moments as only a man who wrote such tunes as "(Tear 'Em Off) Me and My Doggz," "Picture This" and "Hoes, Money & Clout" could.

"Snoop Dogg was the perfect choice to be the first celebrity host of a Girls Gone Wild video," said Joe Francis, founder and CEO of the series' parent company, Mantra Entertainment, in a statement. "At Mardi Gras 2002, he not only proved to be an amazing host and part-time director, but he was a huge draw for crowds of beautiful women."

Prior to the video's release, on both VHS and DVD formats, you can catch Snoop barking his requests for breasts on Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style infomercials that are expected to surface in late August.

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