Rixton Get Broken Hearts And Empty Wallets In New Video: Watch

U.K. band's 'Me and My Broken Heart' clip finds them loveless and nearly broke.

Rixton were almost left with two problems on their hands: a broken heart and an empty wallet.

In their latest music video for "Me and My Broken Heart," the foursome -- Jake Roche, Danny Wilkin, Lewi Morgan and Charley Bagnall -- take fans on a wild ride filled with a sneaky con artist and a shady poker match, all while teaching a valuable lesson: Don't ever trust someone you just met with a bag full of $10,000 in cash.

Each of the guys gets played by a different con artist (the same attractive woman wearing different wigs) as she makes it seem she's interested in them -- but, really, she's just in it for the money. The woman lures the boys individually to a shady boxing ring where a poker game is set up. In the middle of trying to get the best hand, the sneaky scammer switches the bag of cash for a bag filled with paper.

"This girl kind of sets us up, and we invest our own money in a poker game, and we get set up, ripped off," lead singer Roche told MTV News on the set of "Me and My Broken Heart." "We wanted to make a Guy Ritchie-type film and get our acting heads on."

While his bandmates fall for her trick, Roche saves the day, catching the thief in action and returning their loot.

The song, which takes on a Maroon 5 vibe, is the first official single from the U.K. MTV Artist to Watch, who recently released their first EP. The song and video certainly take on a more mature feel than their previous effort, "Make Out," which is exactly why they released it.

"It's just totally the opposite of 'Make Out': I am not naked and swinging on a wrecking ball. That would be weird," Roche said.

Morgan added, "I don't think we wanted to ever step away from that ['Make Out' video]. We more wanted to show everybody a different side of us. We are still a lot of fun."

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