Rainn Wilson Says He'd Trade Acting For Drumming 'In A Heartbeat' At Sneak Peek Week Screening Of 'The Rocker'

Co-stars Emma Stone, Teddy Geiger discuss 'The Office' star's real-life rock ambitions.

MTV's Sneak Peek Week began in [article id="1588084"]style[/article], continued with [article id="1588101"]brute force[/article] and came to a rocking crescendo Tuesday night with a special screening of "The Rocker" and appearances by stars Rainn Wilson, Teddy Geiger and Emma Stone.

"What a handsome group of people you are!" Wilson proclaimed as audience members lined up for a post-screening Q&A. "Love gets made wherever I go!"

Tuesday night, all the love was directed toward the stars who joined MTV to showcase their new film. "The Rocker" tells the story of an over-the-hill drummer (Wilson), who gets hooked up to the rejuvenation machine thanks to a spot in his nephew's high school band.

(In addition to the rock talk, Wilson made an announcement about "Transformers 2" that you can check out on the MTV Movies Blog.)

In preparation for playing the hard-rocking Robert "Fish" Fishman, Wilson put himself though legitimate musical training to pound the drums like a pro. And he told the audience that he's looking to give up acting to continue his newfound love. No, seriously.

"The drum coach not only taught me how to keep the beat but everything a heavy-metal rocker does. The world of the heavy-metal drummer is a world unto itself," he laughed. "I would give up acting in a heartbeat. I'm a big fleshy rock presence. [Any band out there that needs a drummer], call me!"

Heck, Wilson joked with the audience, he's even got a kick-ass name, should any band in need of his services be without one.

"I have a good band name. I just thought of it today: Times New Roman! Fonts make good names," he chuckled, raising devil horns in tribute. "Helvetica!"

"Mr. Wilson & the Gang! Now there's a name," Geiger countered.

Geiger, of course, is a legitimate musician in his own right, a junior rocker about to put out his fourth album this September.

So, given that, one audience member wanted to know: Would Geiger ever invite Wilson to play with him?

"Of course," he responded. "He's a good drummer. He adds to the antics."

"Are you playing 50,000-seat arenas?" Wilson asked.

"Um, no."

"Then forget it!"

Wilson rocks the world when "The Rocker" opens August 1.

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