Babymetal Is Japanese Metal Meets J-Pop Perfection

A musical mashup made in metal heaven.

If you already know Babymetal, consider yourself on top of your J-Pop-meets-power-metal game. If not, let us introduce you to the most terrifying, adorable, entertaining girl band to come out of Japan in the last, well, pretty much ever.

It's a lot to process, so here's the breakdown: Babymetal are three tutu-clad teenage girls from Japan that inexplicably front a thrashing metal band of spooky ghouls. According to Babymetal lore, the girls were sent from the Fox God to spur the Metal Resistance. According to folks at the Reading Festival last night (August 28), the Metal Resistance is amazing.

Babymetal blew the Reading crowd away last night with bubblegum vocals, tightly choreographed dance moves and cute costumes --t you know, just like any other girl band would. What's different is the roiling power metal behind the girls coming from their deadly backing band. There's a little bit of something for everyone.

With rock stars like All Time Low, Dragonforce, Kiss' Gene Simmons and Rob Halford of Judas Priest on their side, Babymetal is already making waves in metal. They're too cute and catchy to ignore and too terrifying to turn away from.

Watch below and try not to head bang... just a little bit.