'I'm Not Crazy' - Sega-Loving Rapper Explains 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Lifestyle

My MTV News colleagues who cover the hip-hop beat recently showed me the raw footage of an amazing interview they conducted with Charles Hamilton, an up-and-coming rapper signed to Interscope who really, really liked the Sega Genesis. They've been nice enough to give us this exclusive clip.

Simply put, we need more rappers like Charles Hamilton. The man knows his video games. And he's.. creative.

Hamilton's so Sega-crazy that he's releasing a mixtape, called "Sonic The Hamilton," which chronicles his adventures of him living life as Sonic.

"I'm not crazy," he told us. "Basically, Sonic means sound. Hedgehogs bury themselves in the ground. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, because I bury myself in the sound."

Hamilton is more serious about this then you might expect, and if you listen to him speak long enough you'll understand why. It's not just that Hamilton loved playing his Genesis when he was younger and wants to rap about it -- he seems to have found solace and inspiration in following the Sonic character, an escape from a childhood that was wracked by bouts of homelessness and drug abuse.

For more on Hamilton's life and new mixtape (including some tracks you can listen to), check out my colleagues' further coverage at MTV News' Mixtape Monday.

And if you want to see Hamilton get really excited rapping about Sega, check out this language-not-safe-for-work music video on YouTube. Note the perfect references to Dr. Robotnik, "Duck Tales" and Game Genie!

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