Michael B. Jordan Is A Book-Burning Bad Guy In First 'Fahrenheit 451' Teaser

'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,' he's warned

Michael B. Jordan is following up his villainous performance in Black Panther by playing another bad guy — or so it seems in the first teaser for Fahrenheit 451.

Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury, the setting is the dystopian future — where cautionary tales so often take place — and books are public enemy number one.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” Captain Beatty (Michael Shannon) explains in the teaser. “News, facts, memoirs, internet of old — burn it. We are not born equal, so we must be made equal by the fire.”

Jordan stars as Guy Montag, a fireman whose job requires him to burn all these illicit materials. As far as the teaser shows, Guy, armed with a flame-throwing gun, loves his role of teaching the chillingly obedient youth the importance of abolishing books just as much as Jordan loves anime in real life. “I want to burn,” he says with fire in his eyes at the teaser’s end.

Watch the teaser above. Fahrenheit 451 will debut on HBO this May.

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