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Maisie Williams Just Casually Put Tom Hanks On Arya's 'Game of Thrones' Kill List


Okay, so, we get it. Arya Stark's kill list — the roster of people she wants to kill to avenge her slain family members, the list she's been keeping tabs on since the very beginning of Game of Thrones — is intense. Joffrey, Cersei, and a number of horrible people responsible for the gruesome deaths of her dad, mom, and brothers belong on it, and Maisie Williams relishes in repeating it at any given opportunity.

But does it really need to involve poor Tom Hanks?! Williams thinks so — or at least she did for a minute on The Graham Norton Show.

Apparently, people are super into asking Williams to not only recite Arya's infamous kill list, but add their names to it when they meet the GoT actress. To demonstrate, Williams stared down the camera, rolled through the list, and added those sitting next to her on the couch — Hanks and English boxer Anthony Joshua — for dramatic effect.

Hanks, understandably, was both startled and amused at the same time. Ah well. We need some jokes to keep us busy considering that GoT won't be returning until forever (or 2019).