Lorde Just Deleted (Almost) Everything From Social Media

'Less is always more'

Leave it to Lorde to keep fans on their toes. A couple weeks after wrapping up the North American leg of her Melodrama World Tour, the 21-year-old has done some major, mysterious spring cleaning on social media.

A few days ago, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Lorde wiped nearly her entire Instagram account clean. The "Green Light" singer left just three posts up: one from 2016 that says "Trust Me," an illustration from 2017 from the philosophy work The Society of the Spectacle, and a blurry photo from 2018 that shows her performing in Brooklyn.

Then, on Monday (May 8), Lorde appeared to wipe almost her entire Twitter history as well, leaving just two tweets in tact. The pair of posts are from November 12, 2017, and they quote the French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

Naturally, fans are left wondering if Lorde's recent internet activity means she's gearing up to release new music, or whether she simply wanted a fresh slate now that her Melodrama era is drawing to a close. As it turns out, though, Lorde herself has weighed in on the fiasco, writing a pair of comments on a fan's Instagram post.

"No stress just pulling back the curtain again for a moment," she explained. "She’s a baby writer in search of a legacy... will keep u posted. Love u all so much more than u know."

She added in another comment on the same post, "More than ok! Not needing to recover or pull back from u guys, it’s just what I feel is cleanest and most true to me as an artist & musician in 2018. Will still be creeping on u all and commenting, just not going to be posting endless content. Less is always more."

Until she (hopefully) graces us with more answers, please enjoy this Avengers: Infinity War-inspired tweet that'll surely be relatable AF for any Lorde fan right now:

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