Anna Kendrick Said 'Aloha' To Hawaii In The Most Anna Kendrick Way Ever

Bye, bye birdy.

Anna Kendrick has been a permanent member of our mega girl crush squad for about a decade now, which means we are pretty much always picking up what she's putting down -- and it's usually something hilariously self-deprecating and/or pseudo-philosophical.

When she gets around her IRL bestie Aubrey Plaza, who is actually Grumpy Cat in human form (how's that for perfect casting?!), well, just go ahead and throw away your copy of the rules because those two are the best kind of trouble.

For most of the summer, Anna and Aubrey have been sunning and funning ("working") in Hawaii on and off the set of "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," flooding our feeds with jeal-inducing photographs of the totally-pleasure-not-business trip. Which means we may or may not have been living vicariously through their Twitter and Instagram pictures -- not weird at all, nope.

Now all the fun is done, though, as production on "Mike and Dave" has wrapped. And it's kind of second-hand sad, in the same way that a cousin's graduation ceremony might be kind of a happy-bummer. But Kendrick and Plaza, knowing full well that we're hanging onto their every snap, decided to say goodbye in the snarkiest way they know how: flipping us all off and booing a beautiful rainbow.

Kendrick captioned this one, "Had about enough of these stinkin' rainbows Hawaii. I'm outta here." Humor as a defense mechanism. It's a damn solid approach, and we applaud her for it.

Meanwhile, co-star Zac Efron -- who's also been living it up in the Aloha State -- gave a pretty epic send-off shot from the set himself.

The only question we have about that is, did they let him keep those retro threads or WHAT? If so, he doesn't even have to worry about what to wear to the premiere next summer because this tux is everything and more.

"Mike and Dave" hits theaters July 8, 2016.