The Great Instagram Purge Of 2014: Never Forget

A moment for Kim, Justin and Rihanna's fallen followers.

Some day, your grandchildren might ask you, "Where were you during the Great Instagram Purge of 2014?" They probably won't, but who knows -- they might.

This week, Instagram began cracking down on the influx of fake accounts flooding the photo-sharing social media platform. They're deleting spambots left and right, in a move many are now calling the "Instagram Purge" or "Instagram Rapture," and no one was hit harder than your celebrity faves.

Well, except for the official Instagram handle. The New York Times reports that @instagram lost a total of 18.9 million followers. But still, Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million, Ariana Grande lost 1.5 million, Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million, Rihanna lost 1.2 million and Selena Gomez lost 1.1 million. A moment of silence, please.

As of this morning, my follower count was 294. That's because I also lost hundreds of thousands of followers in the purge. Prove that I didn't.

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