Young Jeezy Is Working On 'Thug Motivation 103' 'Right Now'

'I'm going back and picking up a little where I left off,' MC says of next album.

[url id=""]Young Jeezy[/url] is continuing his Thug Motivation series with the third installment: Thug Motivation 103 is slated for release in the coming months.

"It's coming as soon as it's done. I'm working on it right now. I'm working on [my artist] J.W.'s album, Boo Rossini's album , Slick Pulla's album, U.S.D.A. project -- rest of the family."

But first up, the Snowman told us about his new LP.

"Thug Motivation 103 -- I'm going back and picking up a little where I left off," he told us recently. "Right now, people having a lot of money problems, but it ain't recession- wise -- it's hustlin'-wise. It ain't what you got, it's what you keep. I know it because I really been through this. I been out there. I'mma help cats through this. So by the time Thug Motivation 103 is over with, we gonna be getting money again like when we used to blow 100, 200 thousand dollars in the club like it wasn't nothing. [Money in the] plastic bags!"

This summer, Jeezy goes out on tour with Lil Wayne, Drake, Soulja Boy and the recently added Jeremih on the [article id="1613926"]Young Money Presents: America's Most Wanted Music Festival[/article].

"It's gonna be different," he said. "Me and Wayne decided to go out together. It's definitely gonna be different. I'm used to going out on a different type of tour, but it's gonna be different. Everybody loves Wayne. Even little kids 3 years old love Wayne. But I'mma take Thug Motivation there too -- they need some Thug Motivation too."