Jesse From 'Hannah Montana' Already Has His Son Partying In Vegas

He’s not a regular dad. He’s a cool dad.

Drew Roy from Hannah Montana and iCarly fame is winning the dad game so far. Not long after welcoming his and wife Renee's first child, a little boy named Jack, the happy family traveled to Las Vegas for vacation. Though Roy realized others might not view Vegas as the best place to take a baby, he shared on Instagram that the trip was a success.

"Quick, close, easy... we were basically here before we even knew we had made up our mind," he captioned, posting an adorable pic of his son living it up by the pool. Seriously, I want Jack's life.

It seems only fitting that Miley Cyrus's bad-boy TV boyfriend would bring his infant son to Sin City, ditching the Vegas partying lifestyle for reading parenting books poolside. Since Jack's birth, Renee has shared several pics of her baby boy, including one of Roy cradling Jack on his shoulder. D'awww!