3 Reasons You Don't Need To Feel Weird About Your Crush On 'Agent Carter's' Fancy Human Jarvis

It's only human. (For now.)

If you watched the premiere of Marvel's "Agent Carter" on ABC last night, you're probably feeling something new. No, it's not that Hayley Atwell is amazing as Peggy Carter, you've felt that before.

It's the feeling that Edwin Jarvis, the real-life fancy human version of Tony Stark's e-butler, is a delightful and fully crushable character. He's a refined, helpful, early-to-bed, early-to-rise type, and we find him irresistible. If you're feeling weird about feeling the love for a man who will eventually be a computer, well, don't.

Here are three reasons to feel cool with your crush on James D'Arcy/Jarvis.

He's a gentleman.



He apologizes for getting a car dinged up, he's punctual, he's polite -- his greatest offense is not introducing himself right away, and he takes full blame for that one. (By getting punched in the face.)

He loves Benny Hill.



The man has a schedule: Sherry at 7, Benny Hill at 8, bed at 9. We can respect a man of refined tastes and set schedules. Like, just don't call him after 9.

Benedict Cumberbatch is taken.


D'Arcy bears a striking facial resemblance to a certain "Sherlock" star. Said super-sleuth, however, is engaged with a baby on the way, plus his show isn't even on the air right now. Make the right choice.

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