Taylor Swift's Homemade Jams Of Woefully Outdated Internet Memes

Since Taylor's still making 'Imma Let You Finish' jokes, here are some 'other' old memes she can tackle.

It's been almost four years since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards, drawing the ire of [article id="1621541"]world leaders[/article], [article id="1621475"]epically-maned millionaires[/article] and Michael Jackson's dad, and becoming the inspiration for a truly massive Internet meme in the process.

Yet, despite all that time, and with innumerable Internet fads coming and going since, it seems that Taylor's still enjoys a good "Imma let you finish" joke every now and then, as evidenced by her recent gift to tourmate Ed Sheeran: A jar of homemade jam she labeled with a none-too-subtle reference to Kanye's onstage rant ("this is the best JAM OF ALL TIME," she wrote).

And yes, it was certainly a nice gesture (the jam, we mean ... that stuff's hard to make), and while we realize she's been [article id="1696483"]pretty busy[/article] over the past four years, we can't help wonder: Is she aware of some of the other amazing memes that have sprouted up since 2009?

Just in case she's not, we're here to help ... and get her burgeoning canning and preserving business off the ground at the same time. Here's a whole list of potential products she could make. These are Taylor Swift's homemade jams of woefully outdated Internet memes, complete with her handwritten notes.

» "Ed -- Have you seen this cat! He looks so grumpy! --T"

» "Ed -- You probably think this is Strawberry Jam, but it's really Rick Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up!' -- T"

» "Ed -- I like turtles! -- T"

» "Ed -- Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards! -- T"

» "Ed -- This Snowy Owl can't believe what it just heard! -- T"

» "Ed -- Leeroy Jenkins!!! -- T"

» "Ed -- 'One does not simply walk into Mordor' or whatever the quote is from that Hobbit movie -- T"

» "Ed -- Can you believe all the crazy sh-- my dad says?!? -- T"

» "Ed -- Someone suffers a serious mishap or grievous bodily harm and then a cat shows up and plays an electric keyboard! --T"

» "Ed -- Babies dancing!!! -- T"

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