Manson Signs Godhead To Posthuman

Washington, D.C.'s Godhead has signed with Marilyn Manson's new label, Posthuman Records.

Manson posted confirmation of the Godhead signing on his official Web site at on Thursday; the news appeared on the Godhead site at the previous day. Manson has previously posted a denial of the deal on his site.

Godhead has released three albums since its inception in 1995, including 1998's "Power Tool Stigmata" on Sol 3 Records. The bandmembers include Jason Miller (vocals, guitar), The Method (programming, bass), Mike Miller (guitar, vocals), and James O'Connor (drums).

A spokesperson for Posthuman told MTV News that the band has just arrived in Los Angeles and plans on heading into the studio with producer Danny Saber (Michael Hutchence, Black Grape) in the immediate future.

Prior to the

deal, the group had been intending to call its next album "2000 Years Of Human Error;" the label spokesperson told MTV News that the album is currently untitled.

Posthuman was founded by Manson and his manager Tony Ciulla last late last year in conjunction with the Priority label, which falls under the EMI umbrella (see [article id="1428333"]"Marilyn Manson Backs Off Doors Tribute"[/article]). Manson himself remains signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records under Interscope/Universal.

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