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Good Charlotte's 'Last Night' Video A Tribute To 'Family Double Dare'

The band takes part in some of the classic Nickelodeon game show's goofy challenges in the new clip.

There's an awful lot of Nickelodeon-related nostalgia in the air at the moment. Not only has the network announced that it will begin airing a late-night block of '90s classics like "Clarissa Explains It All" and "The Adventures of Pete & Pete,"but the men of Good

Charlotte have resurrected the channel's "Family Double Dare" in a video for their new song "Last Night," a clip that premiered on

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The video features a lovingly reconstructed version of the classic game show's set and finds the bandmembers participating in a number of the program's extra sloppy challenges -- including a handful of entries on the famous game-ending obstacle course. Also appearing in the clip, in a starring role, is former "Family Double Dare" host Marc Summers, who oversees the proceedings and even lip-synchs some of the song.

"This video takes place in the '90s and we were all '90s kids, so we know it pretty well," Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden said in a statement. "This was one of our favorite shows growing up. I always wanted to go on 'Family Double Dare,' and now my dreams get to come true."

The video also features a number of very specific winks and nods to the original show, including the "Pie Cam" and a shout-out to Space Camp (which was often involved in the grand prize).

Good Charlotte are currently on tour in support of their fifth album, [article id="1634853"]Cardiology[/article]. They'll wrap up their road trip on March 27 in Anaheim, California.

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