Hawkeye To Black Widow: Happy First Mother's Day!

ScarJo got a sweet tweet from a fellow Avenger.

Jeremy Renner's been positively boiling himself in hot water the last couple of weeks with all his Black Widow name-calling and that not-great non-apology, but for Mother's Day he is working overtime to get back in the good graces of his gal pals. Starting with Scarlett Johansson herself.

Renner sent ScarJo a little note on Twitter last night (May 9) to wish his "Avengers: Age of Ultron" co-star a Happy first Mother's Day, equipped with a hashtag nickname (#SweetScarlett) and a double heart emoji.

Talk about laying it on thick. Of course, he does owe her a lot of pro-femme thoughts, so it's not just ScarJo who's been getting the butter-up treatment by Mr. Renner on Twitter for this holiday.

His own mom, too, was the recipient of one saccharine social media shout out.

And then showed some girl power solidarity, too, for good measure.

And then he went and oooh-aaahed with Captain America over the wonder that is his daughter. (Translation: I love ladies!)

So... is all forgiven yet?

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