Lil' Kim's Jewelry Recovered

Police have no suspects in jewel theft; detectives still investigating.

Lil' Kim still doesn't know who snagged her jewels 10 days ago, but she can breathe a little easier because her quarter-million dollars' worth of platinum and ice were recovered on Friday.

Port Authority Police found the Queen Bee's signature jewels, a diamond-encrusted and crowned "B" and a couple of platinum dog tags, during a search of the employees' locker room at New York's JFK airport (see [article id="1473171"]"Lil' Kim's "B," Dog Tags Ripped Off At JFK"[/article]).

The police say they have no suspects in the jewel theft and that detectives are still investigating the crime. Neither Kim nor her spokesperson could be reached for comment.

Kim's jewelry was taken June 20 at JFK when she accidentally checked in the handbag that her jewels were in. Kim realized the mistake while boarding her 8:45 a.m. flight to Los Angeles. Although the plane's takeoff was delayed so the bag could be recovered, by then, it was too late -- the "B" and dog tags had been taken.

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