'Doctor Who' Is Back With A Premiere Date, A Trailer, And Peter Capaldi

Time to go to sleep for two months, byeeeee.

Those of you who have been waiting since 2013's Black Christmas for a glimmer of hope in the "Doctor Who"-verse can finally rest easy -- Peter Capaldi, his eyebrows, and the TARDIS will return for a brand new series of fun and adventure on Saturday, August 23.

Per BBC America's press release, the Twelfth Doctor's won't be the only (relatively) new face on the scene for series eight. Joining Jenna Coleman in companion-land will be Samuel Anderson, who is playing Clara's coworker Danny Pink. (Great name, obviously.) Though of course, us being visual learners and all, we're most excited about the new teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement. In the trailer, which again shows the TARDIS on fire (!!), Twelve asks Clara if she thinks that he is a good man.

"I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore," she replies.

... which is great and all, but wasn't the whole point of the 50th special to get rid of the whole genocide thing that weighed down Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven, and usher in a new era of Happy-Who? Either way, we're so excited that we literally can not breathe and are therefore dying without hope of regeneration.