Michael From 'Elf' Is Now A Low Key Hottie

This is important knowledge. The world needs to know.

When one thinks back on the phenomenal, 2003 Christmas classic "Elf," one probably thinks of Will Ferrell's killer one-liners, like "you sit on a throne of lies" and "I just like smiling, smiling's my favorite!" Or they fondly recall the narwhal, because narwhals are the truest badasses of the sea, and deserve to be thought about often.


However, one mustn't forget the importance of Michael, Buddy's half-brother slash bullying victim, who was the first member of the Hobbs family to truly love and accept his elf bro for who he truly is. And since the Internet just loves former awkward movie teens who later emerge as hotties (Neville Longbottom Syndrome, basically), we at MTV News are just delighted to inform you that this:

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Has recently transformed into this:

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Aww, look at him! That's Daniel Tay, all grown up and looking more than ready to star in a John Green adaptation as Nat Wolff's BFF. Unfortunately his last acting credit is from 2009, though, and the kid is virtually impossible to find on social media, so let's just assume that he's out there living his life, throwing snowballs at bullies away from the limelight. But nowadays he's doing this while looking handsome, so take that.

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