David Guetta 'Honored' To Have Rihanna On 'Who's That Chick'

'I saw her again and she was like, 'That record is stuck in my head!' ' producer tells MTV News about infectious club hit.

[article id="1635386"]David Guetta[/article] has made himself at home on the U.S. charts, teaming up with a long list of heavyweight collaborating partners that includes the Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Lil Wayne, Taio Cruz and Flo Rida. The electronic dance-music producer recently added Rihanna to that list, and he spoke to MTV News about their collabo, "Who's That Chick."

Guetta originally produced the track for Rihanna's return-to-pop/R&B album, Loud. But when it didn't make the final cut, Guetta decided to release "Who's That Chick" on his own, with the Barbados singer featuring. After just three weeks on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart, "Chick" is sitting at #3, and at #51 on the Hot 100. And given that the song almost didn't happen, it's an impressive feat.

"Bu, which is Akon's brother, was doing the A&R on the new album for Rihanna [and] came to me and asked me for some tracks," Guetta recalled during a sit-down with MTV News on Wednesday. "And I was feeling terrible because I'm such a huge fan but I didn't have any beats that would fit. I just didn't have any ideas. Sometimes two artists wanna work together, but it doesn't mean it's gonna happen, because you have to find the right idea."

Luckily, Guetta was able to overcome his temporary beatmakers' block. "I came up with the idea for the song for 'Who's That Chick,' and I said, 'That's it. It's perfect!' " Guetta continued.

"I went to see her in London; she was having a concert. And just before the concert, I went to see her backstage and I played her the record and she was like, 'Yeah, I like it.' But I think she was doubting it a little bit. And then after the concert, I saw her again and she was like, 'That record is stuck in my head!' And I was like, 'OK, let's do it!' Finally, which is really amazing for me, we did it as 'David Guetta featuring Rihanna.' It's a great honor for me."

Remixes of the club jam are now available digitally, including additional edits and mixes by Adam F, Afrojack and Guetta. Fans can also look forward to not one, but two music videos for Guetta's "Who's That Chick," which have been shot and will drop in the next few weeks. (Stick with MTV News as we serve up more details.) Meanwhile, Guetta's greatest hits album, One More Love, is due on Tuesday and includes the Rihanna-assisted banger.

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