Meet Lady Gaga's Incredibly Adorable New Pet Batpig

Half bat, half pig. All adorable.

It looks like Mother Monster has grown her family by one. On Sunday, Lady Gaga introduced the world to Asia, an adorable little creature who instantly became the universe's most famous french bulldog (sorry, Pippa).

We first met Gaga's little frenchie Sunday afternoon, when she posted a photo to her Little Monsters website, with the caption "Me and my BATPIG #partbat #partpig".

Unless Gaga has traded in making music for crossbreeding animals via bizarre genetic experiments, Asia is neither a bat nor a pig, but rather an incredibly adorable black french bulldog. Not that I'm at all against that, since zonkeys are basically the best animals ever.

Gaga followed up her photo with an Instagram video where she gave her little batpig a name. She said "Her name is Asia. She is a BATPIG I love her I'm her mom." Congrats to Gaga and her newest (and littlest) little monster!

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