Run The Jewels' Preview Of 'RTJ3' Is 15 Seconds Of Greatness

Because the cat remixes were cool and all, but not nearly enough.

If the feline remix album Meow The Jewels didn't satisfy your need for a new Run The Jewels album in 2015, an Instagram sneak peek of what could be El-P and Killer Mike's new album might make what's left of your year.

El-P posted the (far too short) clip on his Instagram with the caption "RTJ3 is just getting started." Is it acceptable to play 15 seconds of an unfinished, unofficial beat from an unannounced album on repeat? If it's that good, absolutely.

But don't get too excited. Albums take time to make, and even longer to make well. (We're lookin' at you, Adele.)

Don't rush the man. Just keep your fingers crossed for a new RTJ record in 2016 and until then, enjoy this video of El-P auditioning cats for Meow The Jewels.