Pussycat Dolls' New Members Revealed

'So You Think You Can Dance' alum Kherington Payne and 'America's Best Dance Crew' runner-up Rino Nakasone-Razalan join the group.

[artist id="1841713"]Pussycat Dolls[/artist] founder Robin Antin has at last revealed who will be joining [artist id="1632950"]Nicole Scherzinger[/artist] in the group after the departure of three members early this year. On Saturday, Antin tweeted a photo of the new group.

The four new members are Kherington Payne from "So You Think You Can Dance"; former Lakers Girl Vanessa Curry; Rino Nakasone-Razalan, a former Harajuku Girl and member of "America's Best Dance Crew" runners-up Beat Freaks, and former Girlicious member Jamie Lee Ruiz. Antin tweeted that the photo was taken after the Dolls performed at a private party.

In January, [article id="1630838"]Jessica Sutta left the Dolls[/article] to pursue a solo career, and [article id="1632868"]Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts[/article] announced their departure in March. Both [article id="1633152"]Antin and Scherzinger asserted[/article] that the other singers' departure group didn't mean the group was over.

"PCD IS FAR FROM OVER! In fact round 3 is just beginning! STAY TUNED if u BELIEVE in PCD! Love you!" Antin tweeted. "Ooohh love you all! Keep sending me ur tweets, positive or not, it just shows u care! I knw there's a Doll inside all of you! I wanna hear!"

The new members have also been posting their own Twitter messages about joining the group. "Thank you Everyone for the love and support!" Payne wrote. "It means the world to me/us! Love you all :) xoxo."

Curry shared similar sentiments. "Thank you everyone for the supportive tweets!! The Pussycat dolls are ready to bring it hard for you guys!! muah :)" she wrote.

In March, as [article id="1633309"]Scherzinger was prepping for her turn on "Dancing With the Stars,"[/article] she sat down with MTV News to discuss the group's new lineup. "[The change is] kind of inevitable, right? When it comes to girl groups, I think we did the best that we could for a good chunk of time," she explained. "We had an amazing time, and then people change and people grow, and sometimes things aren't right for them. We're all artists -- just go and be creative. I love the PCD. It's been a blessing for me. I don't take it for granted, so I can't wait to do more music."

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