Ariana Grande Has Her Own Cat Ear Headphones Now Because Of Course She Does

Listen to music and make people think you're a cat — win-win!

Now that Apple has eliminated the headphone jack for the iPhone 7, you're going to invest in a pair of wireless headphones. Well, look no further: Ariana Grande knows just the pair you need. Oh, and, duh — they're cat-ear-shaped.

Indeed, Ariana has collaborated with Brookstone on a pair of limited-edition Axent Wear headphones, which were designed by artist Wenqing Yan. They even work (not to mention they #WERKKK) with bangs. The color-changing headphones feature a chrome finish and Ariana's signature on one of the ears, so everyone will know who you're repping with these bad boys.

You can preorder the headphones on Brookstone now — they're exclusive, natch — but they won't ship until November. Christmas is looking up, eh?

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article mistakenly claimed Ariana Grande designed the headphones. She did not, Wenqing Yan did.

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