Preview Of Justin Timberlake Album From Neptunes' Hugo

Chad Hugo describes songs he and Pharrell Williams worked on, including a likely first single.

Justin Timberlake drops some serious pick up lines on a track that's scheduled to arrive when his upcoming solo album, Justified, hits stores on November 12 ... as if the single 'NSYNCer really needs them.

"Girls are going to fall in love with that song," said the Neptunes' Chad Hugo, who, with partner Pharrell Williams, recorded "Take It From Here" and six other songs intended for Justified (see [article id="1457095"]"Justin Timberlake To Play VMAs; Says Solo Debut Is 'Very Me'[/article] ). "It's got this great string section on it, and I think girls should be checking for some of those pick-up lines. Guys are definitely going to steal some of them."

So, if a dude walks up and says something like, "I want to be the lighthouse when you get lost/ 'Cuz I'll shine my light to help you across," you can thank Justin before you lay the smack down.

As previously reported (see [article id="1456207"]"Justin Timberlake Working 'NSecret On Star-Packed Solo LP"[/article]), Timbaland, P. Diddy and Mario Winans helped produce the album and singer Brian McKnight makes a cameo. Timberlake co-wrote all the songs on the album.

A spokesperson for Timberlake could not confirm how many Neptunes productions will appear on the album.

If all of that works out, it should fit the tone of the tracks the Neptunes recorded with Timberlake, according to Hugo.

"We picked him up right after he checked into his hotel. We drove around in the car listening to old Earth, Wind & Fire albums, and he was totally with it," Hugo said. "The background of those songs is the feeling we wanted to incorporate into the music. He was like, 'Nobody's ever heard anything like that before ... a white boy singing this kind of music.' He didn't care what people would say."

Hugo said that while the Neptunes aren't into sampling songs, they spent hours listening to a pair of classic Michael Jackson albums for inspiration during their sessions with Timberlake. "We listened to Off the Wall and Thriller a bunch of times to really get the feel of them and create something that's not a sample, but similar to those songs without recycling them," Hugo said. "We just wanted to re-create that sense of those timeless, classic songs, without any of the 'bling, bling, hit me on my two-way' style of the new R&B. It has elements of the old and the new."

A perfect example is the song Hugo said is slated to be the first single, "Like I Love You." The track mixes Timberlake's classic soul vocals with verses from Neptunes protégés, the Clipse.

"He's a really hard worker," Hugo said of Timberlake. "He would stay up late every night just to finish up backing vocals. I think people want to put him in a box, a boy band box, or an 'NSYNC box, but he's not like that. He's a real individual and a dope vocalist."

Among the other tracks Hugo said he expects to make the album is the "hot" mid-tempo song "Señorita," which he said was not quite salsa but definitely spicy.

Though he wouldn't divulge whether any of the songs the Neptunes worked on with Timberlake directly acknowledged the singer's recent breakup with Britney Spears, Hugo said fans will likely read what they want to into some of the lyrics. "There could be songs about that," he said. "Everyone incorporates their personal lives into their songs."

The duo just recorded two songs with Snoop Dogg for his upcoming solo record: the improbably titled "Snoop Dogg" and a track called "Beautiful," which features the Gap Band's Charlie Wilson. They also tracked time with R&B group 702 and expect to go into the studio soon with J. Lo to work on songs for her next album.

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