Watch Chris Hemsworth Recreate ‘Arrested Development’ In The Most Awkward Way Possible

Heeeey, Hemsworth brother!

Ron Howard is known for directing a lot of gorgeous and critically acclaimed films, most recently "In The Heart Of The Sea" starring the Norse God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth. But in very dorky circles, he's also known for being the narrator and executive producer of "Arrested Development," one of the most formative television series of the 21st century. Also, a lot of people remember him from "The Andy Griffith Show," I guess

So what happens when you take Howards' directorial work, specifically his work with Hemsworth, and mash it up with our own Josh Horowitz making a Bluth family-style fool of himself? That's what we learn on the most recent episode of "After Hours" -- or should we say, "Awkward Interview."

In case Josh ever gets a second chance at an "Awkward Interview" with these two professionals, we have an idea: maybe bring in Liam Hemsworth as the even more awkward baby brother, possibly with a hook for a hand?



"In The Heart Of The Sea" hits theaters December 11.

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