Miley Cyrus Just Released A Led Zeppelin Cover—Listen

That classic rock tone comes natural to her.

Okay, so Miley Cyrus has been wow-ing us lately with her forays into the art and fashion world, but this is a brand new song and it sounds pretty incredible. Her last album Bangerz was an eclectic smash of pop, country and hip-hop influences, but this song is straight-up classic rock.

She put the song out directly to her Soundcloud and tweeted the link, without any fanfare or talk of official release.

It's a cover of a song written by Anne Bredon that Led Zeppelin made popular called "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You." Miley performs it complete with the huge, riff-heavy breaks and vocal dramatics that made the original stunning.

Joan Baez also helped popularize the song, but Miley's version clearly follows Robert Plant and Zeppelin's take on the track. As a slight update, Miley changed her title to "Baby I'm Gonna Leave You."

She also previously uploaded the cover art for the track to her Instagram at the beginning of the month.

Listen to the psychedelic, pure rock classic below. It just might change the way you think about Miley.

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